Digital signage is a digital communication tool for remote control of the display on a fleet of screens. CityMeo revolutionizes its use by providing a collaborative, simple, turnkey signage software for professionals confronted with the problems of managing screens.

Adding content from your computer or the internet, creating new videos from quality models, connecting external services to receive up-to-date information, planing or contextualizing in an intelligent way, broadcasting alone or with more, from close by or from a distance has now become a piece of cake.

Discover the possibilities of the solution

Your activity, transformed

Digital signage sublimates day after day our livingspaces with its colourfull veil. It animates sad blank walls, gives new life to previously inert posters and opens new dialogues with the public. It prides itself to be infallibly efficient in its goals.

Because of this, it is the ideal tool to boost your business, upgrade your sales points, revitalize your store, and increase your businesses’ productivity by increasing the commitment of the employees or monetising expressionspaces.

But digital signage is also perfect to brighten up a relaxation space, for promotion in pharmacies, information in restaurants, to lighten waiting, to guide visitors around in administrations and institutions, or to inform and welcome them in tourism offices or real estate agencies….

Lastly, its great versatility allows it to modernise the image of a company, to promote the expertise of a point of sale or reception, to federate or simply to replace the cork board.

Your screens, revitalized

CityMeo développe CityMeo develops the easiest soltuion for communicating on screens available on the market. Only a few moments suffice to render it operational and thus to transform your screens in to formidable communication tools.

Installation : 1 minute.

The first content broadcast: 30 seconds.

Your communication, in a new light

With CityMeo, the black screens are finished!
Broadcast your information, your videos, connect your social networks or your work tools and enrich your screens with ease.

Infinite possibilities.

With CityMeo, get a flexible and powerful solution to wake your communication.

Plug & Play player

Don’t worry about the installation anymore: connect, share

Automatic scheduling

Let the intelligent algorithms do their job or take over and control it precisely


Our interfaces and algorithms adapt to your needs, for a communication to your image.

Intuitive navigation

Control your screens with ease, from your PC, tablet or smartphone (responsive).


Simplified, the solution is installed and is used without technical skills needs.

Continuous display

The end of the black screens: the player broadcasts without interruption, even without an internet connection.

Permanent upgradability

All improvements, preventive or curative updates are included.

Maximum compatibility

All image and video formats are accepted.

Support and assistance

Opt for personalized support and assistance

Real time operation

Control and supervise your screens in real-time, and be notified about any incident.

Screen wall

Easily synchronize your screens and give your messages a greater magnitude.

Content creation

Numerous high quality video templates can be customized accordig to your needs.

Cooperative management

Steer your communication with your team thanks to the different available acces levels.


Give a new dimension to your messages by interacting with your customers.

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