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Digital Signage in points of sale is the best way to get attention on your brand and to put forward your products.


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Captivate your audience

Communicate in showcases, attract attention in your catchment area et attract new customers in your store.

Inform your clients

Communicate in stores, inform your visitors and enrich your customers experience.

Increase your sales

Valorize your know how, retain your clients and develop your business.

Monetize your screens

Integrate announcers in your communication, concede a share of voice and increase your revenue.

Why you should equip your point of sale

Digitalise your point of sale

Using communication on screens in showcases and stores benefits you by showing the dynamism of your brand and to differentiate you by modernizing the image of your brand.

Attract a new traffic

Showcasing content can allow you to valorize the know how and expertise of your brand and inspire trust from your visitors.

Step up your messages

Integrating environmental information (weather, schedules…) and internal information (disponibility, product popularity…) allows you to adapt your communication to the context and increase the reach of your message.

Retain your clients

Broadcasting user opinions and product recommendations in stores allows you to complete the buying experience, promote additional pruchases and encourage the consumer to come back to your store.

Interact with your audience

Setting up interactions with consumer through competitions, games and personnalised advice helps enrich the user experience and increase your likability.

Control your internal communication

Numerous tools nested in the CityMeo system allow to guarantee content branded to your image, always up to date on your screens.
increase in sales noticed when digital signage was used
increase in memorisation of products thanks to video contents
of consumers would rather buy in a shop if it is innovative
of decrease in the feeling of waiting thanks to screens installed in front of cash registers

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