The company CityMeo

CityMeo leads digital signage into a new age, by providing a very simple and yet powerful screen management tool.

The company

CityMeo is a Toulouse based company specialised in digital signage that is developping a simple and efficient screen communication tool. Founded by 4 engineers in 2012, the company has developped its product in concert with its customers, ensuring a perfect alchemy between the needs of the clients and the provided services. The company benefits as well from the help and support of numerous actors of the digital world, amongst wich Microsoft Ventures or the IOT Valley…

The solution

The solution, consisting of a video player and an SaaS management platform, distinguishes itself by its simplicity of use and installment. Rewarded many times, as a token and guarantee of its quality and pertinence, it responds to the problematics of dealing with a fleet of screens for your communication teams. The solution seduces by its usefulness inside the company (thanks to the integration of internal administration Tools), in points of sale (thanks to the possibility of real time interaction) or external communication(thanks to the Advanced programming features).

The values


We are dedicated to innove daily in order to continually offer our customers the best services possible.


We will back you every step of your dynamic display project to help you embellish your communication on screens.


We multiply partnerships to provide our customers with infinite possibilities and to boost their most creative projects.


We work every day with our customers in order to combine their needs and our developments the most effective way.
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The story


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